About VouchedFor

When you reach one of life's big turning points - be it landing your dream home, gaining access to your children, or ensuring a comfortable retirement - you deserve the very best advice

The Financial, Legal and Accounting sectors have until now evaded the global technological tidal wave. But it's time that changed - it's just too big and too important to people's lives.

VouchedFor helps you get the best advice from the best local professionals - harnessing reviews and data from people like you.

Launched in 2012, we already bring together thousands of professional advisers, hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients, and millions of people needing great advice at the most important points in their lives.

We are an innovative start-up backed by VCs and Angel Investors whose previous successes include Shazam, Zoopla, eBay, Lovefilm and Betfair. We've grown the team 4-fold (to 30 people) in the last year…and are set to do so again.

We’ve achieved great success so far, but we’re still young, and eager to improve. Here, in a nutshell, is what we’re already great at:

  • Setting insanely ambitious goals
  • Finding remarkable ways to hit them - with dedication to customer feedback, rapid iteration and pioneering technology
  • Working as a team – no egos, no politics…just saying it like it is, getting stuff done and having fun!
  • Hiring the best people (better than us) and helping them grow (fast)

We're based in South West London, with tons of great perks. You can even get a seat during rush hour on the train out here….or better still, cycle to work through Richmond Park.

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